Welcome to KarenSkipworth.com, the site where you can get all the information on Little Rock artist Karen Skipworth directly from Karen. If you don't know her, this is a great way to get to know about her, the details on Arkansas fine arts and the artists in the Little Rock and surrounding area. Visitors are in for a visual treat right here on her website.

Her artistic perspective involves sharing her art designs and experience with a focus on local cultural paintings preserving the southern state of Arkansas and it's natural countryside, as well as her experience growing up in this great state.

She often works from photos or her great imagination to design historic culture statements with images of barns in the countryside or the Arkansas River and wildlife as backdrops.

She enjoys selling her museum quality giclees to Arkansas businesses or designers interested in focusing on preserving the local cultural history of Little Rock and Arkansas.

Be sure and check out her blog as well for information on Arkansas artists, arkansas arts and gallery events coming up in the Fall, upcoming events and videos. Also visit her media room for press releases on new painting offerings, exhibitions, or current showings at the library or downtown. You can contact her from the contact page about her most recent showing at the Arkansas Library. Her youtube channel is another great place to learn more about her original landscape oil paintings for sale online. Links to these sources can be found on this page.

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